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Customize you own candle! Choose its scent, color, size, jar, and toppings!

Create your Own Candle- 8OZ & 3OZ

  • If you would like custimizable toppings, let us know what color and topping you want in the specifications box! If you dont want any toppings enter "none".

    Your options are:

    • Dried flower/flower petals: Let us know what type of flower or color you want and we will use the closest we have to that! Some examples of this may be dried lavender, dried rose petals, dried lilys, dried jasmine, etc.
    • Mini wax melts: Look at our "plain jane" or "fruit loops" candles for refrence to what this might look like. We make small little wax melts (in the same scent as your candle) from a variety of molds and place them on your candle. Some options for this could be wax hearts, gummy bears, rings, roses, sea shells, whip cream dolups, gems, coffee beans, cubes, fish, strawberries, bows, leaves, mushrooms, etc. 
    • Other wax molds: We can also place a wax cookie, pineapple slice, leaves, lemon/orange/lime slice, etc.
    • "Whip Cream": Our "Coffee Shop" candle shows what this could look like. We whip wax and pipe it onto the top of your candle!
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